Rick Monroe & the Hitmen | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Rick Monroe & the Hitmen

Sunday, May 26 | Country | Everlight Solar Grand Stage | 4:40pm-5:20pm

The birth of the Hitmen. For years Rick Monroe has been a solo artist hiring players as needed and doing the Nashville shuffle of interchangeable bands, but during covid everything changed. In 2020, Rick and the band, with Bobby Perkins & Alan Beeler, were set to have an amazing year starting off with a West Coast tour when the world shut down. Instead of everyone going their own way, they all stuck together and started streaming live shows from their basements, garages and living rooms. At the same time Rick and Alan Beeler started a standing Tuesday writing meeting which eventually became the bulk of their current album. Through some mutual friends, Rick met Malcolm Springer and they decided to track a few songs and see how it went. Once in the studio it was obvious that this was quickly becoming more of a band situation and when Malcolm brought Jason Bohl in, the sound finally came together. Rick joked one night about how the band was killing it and bam- someone said “The Hitmen”- and that was that.

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