Parking, Accessibility and Shuttle Busses | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
Ferris Wheel at Bratfest

Parking, Accessibility and Shuttle Busses


Provided by Smart Motors

The Alliant Energy Center has over 5,800 paved and lit parking spots available onsite for your convenience.  Don’t worry- we have plenty of room, and its all FREE! The main parking entrance for Brat Fest is off of Rimrock Road. Check out the Brat Fest Map for more info!


Willow Island is accessible via gravel roadways. Accessible picnic tables and restrooms are located throughout the grounds. All stage seating is on a first-come, first-served basis as Brat Fest is a free event. Ample accessible parking spaces are available in the North, South and South East Lots . Vehicles must have appropriate plates or permit to park in accessible spaces. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Passengers in personal vehicles can be dropped-off/picked-up at the entrance of the coliseum. Check out the Brat Fest Accessibility Map for more info!

Motorcycle Parking

Provided by Harley Davidson Madison

Motorcycle parking is accessible through the main entrance off of Rimrock Road. Download the Brat Fest Motorcycle Map!

Bicycle Parking

Saris is proud to provide bike parking for over 200 bikes. Bike Parking is located by the Quann-Olin entrance.  It is a fun, easy, and healthy way to travel to Brat Fest with an estimated 5,000 people biking to the Fest each year. Check out the Brat Fest Bicycle Map for more info!

Find out how to get a free brat just for biking to the Brat Fest on Friday morning!

Volunteer and Celebrity Cashier Parking

Are you a volunteer or celebrity cashier and not sure where to park? Click here for details: Brat Fest Volunteer Parking Map and Celebrity Parking Map.

Brat Shuttle

The World’s Largest Brat Fest offers a FREE Brat Shuttle from the Alliant Energy Center parking lot to the festival grounds. Shuttles run during all hours and days of Brat Fest. Brat Shuttle pick-up and drop-off is at the entrance of the Coliseum as well as in the Volunteer/Overflow Parking lot. Check out the Brat Fest Map for more info!

Note: Your patronage of Brat Fest is enough – Please no tipping.

Bus Lines

Madison Metro has regular bus stops along John Nolen Drive, Olin Avenue, and Rimrock Road adjacent to the Alliant Energy Center; you can get to these by routes 11, 12 & 13. Visit to plan your trip or for more details. Check out the Brat Fest Map for more info!

Taxis & Limousines

For a complete listing of taxi and limousine services in Madison, check out