The Mason Meyer Band | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

The Mason Meyer Band

Sunday, May 26 | Southern Rock | MYPAF Island Stage | 3:10pm–3:50pm

Mason Meyer is a singer and songwriter from Rural Wisconsin, some may even call it a “Podunk” town. Mason sings and writes from his heart and soul, which has been destroyed as he has faced many tragedies in life. Losing his soul connected him to his spirit, where he found healing in the power of music. Performing and writing music has saved him when nothing else could. Mason is the alter ego of The Man he was before tragedy tore him down. Mason gives him a new outlook on life, giving him purpose. Doing things his own way is how Mason likes to walk through life, not letting labels, the industry, or anyone else stand in his way, he is a firm believer in speaking your truth and going against the norm. Mason is against the status quo, telling people how it is and being his authentic self. The songs that Mason writes tell the truth,
his stories are real and raw, and his voice is loud enough to speak for those who haven’t been able to speak for themselves. Silence and conforming to society will always be against what Mason Meyer stands for, Mason Meyer is a modern day outlaw, never taking “no” for an answer, living his dream and speaking his truth – one song, one story, one rhythm at a time.

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