RestlessAnna | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI


Sunday, May 26 | Country | MYPAF Island Stage | 1:10pm–1:50pm

Website: RestlessAnna

Anna was born with music in her soul. 

She started playing the piano at age 3 and playing the guitar soon followed.

By the time she was 14, she was starting to write her own music. “when you

grow up in a small town in southern Wisconsin there isn’t much to do.  Music

was my escape”. 

After countless family picnic, church performances and local singing contest

wins, it was time for something bigger. Anna was growing restless. The world

was calling…literally. 

Interscope Records showed interest in Anna soon after she arrived in LA age

16. They had their eyes set on her becoming the world’s next pop superstar.

She started writing and recording with many notable writers and producers of

the time, successfully getting her music placed on MTV. 

While things went well, they weren’t exactly going the way she envisioned. So

after 4 years she hit the reset button and followed her gut to get her college

degree. She wanted to expand her knowledge of the music industry. She

studied Music Business at Augsburg University, completing her degree in

London, England while she worked for a record label, LoMax Records. 

But once her degree was completed, life managed to take over and music

slowly took a backseat. “I felt like a part of me was dying and I wasn’t sure

how to start the fire again”.

It took a global pandemic to clear the way for her to find time for her passion


During Covid she refocused on writing. Influenced by Brothers Osborne and

The Black Keys she developed a new breed of country rock, creating her own

signature sound of hard-charging rock sensibility with a country soul.

Anna has released her new songs and sound in a demo project called “Restless

Spirit” An apropos title for that little girl from southern Wisconsin who didn’t let

the world get between her and her music.

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