Frank Martin Busch and the Names | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Frank Martin Busch and the Names

Saturday, May 25 | Country/Country Rock/Soul | Everlight Solar Grand Stage | 5:40 pm–6:20 pm

Frank Martin Busch grew up on a farm outside the rural community of Cuba City, Wisconsin. He is the youngest of seven children in a musical family. Frank didn’t touch a guitar until his college years, but immediately fell in love with it and began writing songs. A self taught musician he has honed his craft over the past 20 years in bands such as The Mighty Short Bus and Wheelhouse. Personally he has logged over 3,000 shows, released 10 records and written hundreds of songs.

The music he makes has been labeled “Americana.” Simple country songs about simple things like growing up, love, cars, his affinity for camping and dive bars, and the occasional story about Wisconsin’s serial killers.  His band, The Names, is comprised Christian West on Bass/Vocals, Rin Q Ribble on that there fiddle/vocals, and Argentina’s favorite son Pablo Chuliver on drums. They help to put on a great country show, complete with full harmonies, screaming solos and stories of their adventures on the midwest backroads.

Frank Martin Busch has won Isthmus Madison’s Fave Singer/Songwriter for 2018 and 2019 and is WMMM Project M Songwriter competition season 3 winner. His debut record Deep and Simple has been nominated for a Midwest CMO for Best Americana Record of 2023. He is the father of 3, a devoted husband, a church goin man, and has a dog named Floyd.

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