Autumn Reverie | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Autumn Reverie

Saturday, May 25 | Grunge | Everlight Solar Grand Stage | 12:45pm-1:15pm

Website: Autumn Reverie

Autumn Reverie: The Fusion of Melodic Rock and Grunge

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Autumn Reverie is an American rock band that has been captivating audiences with its unique blend of melodic rock and grunge influences since its formation in 2012. Known for its dynamic and high-energy performances, the band comprises Jake Ramos (lead vocalist), Ramon Morales (lead guitar), Justin Clay (guitar), Damien Smith (bass), and Zach Brassington (drums).

The band first made waves in the rock music scene with their debut single “Rebuild” in 2016, followed by a successful EP in April 2018. Autumn Reverie continued to evolve and expand their musical repertoire with singles like “Carmine” (2019) and “Stalemate” (2020), culminating in the release of their full album “Twenty/Twenty” in February 2021, produced by Paul Schluter of Megatone Studios.

Autumn Reverie’s music is characterized by Jake Ramos’ powerful and energetic vocals, the crunchy and melodic riffs of Morales and Clay, Smith’s punchy bass lines, and Brassington’s dynamic drumming. Their tracks, including hits like “Speechless” and “Focus,” showcase a distinct sound that seamlessly blends grunge’s raw energy with melodic rock’s captivating harmonies. The band’s reputation for exhilarating live performances has earned them the opportunity to share the stage with renowned international acts such as Styx, RA, Bush, Chevelle, Shinedown, Seether, Filter, Art of Dying, Bobaflex, and Otherwise.

Their self-titled release brought them local radio recognition, further solidifying their presence in the rock music landscape. Following the success of “Twenty/Twenty,” Autumn Reverie embarked on the “Sonic Therapy Tour,” performing across multiple states and bringing their signature sound to a growing fanbase. The tour kicked off in the spring of 2022, and was a showcase of the band’s journey and evolution, with their latest singles “Speechless” and the upcoming “Focus” taking center stage.

Autumn Reverie’s dedication to crafting original music that resonates with a diverse audience, while maintaining their distinctive blend of grunge and melodic rock, has made them a standout act in the rock genre. As they continue to tour and release new music, Autumn Reverie is not just a band to watch but an experience to be part of. The nostalgia of late 90’s, early 00’s alternative rock/grunge with their all original, modern spin, make for a show you won’t want to miss.

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