Traditions of Music award – The Tommy Award | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Traditions of Music award – The Tommy Award

All nominees must:

  • Be affiliated with music and/or performing arts
  • Contributing to the non-profit community as a whole.
  • Show commitment to strong community involvement and exemplify community leadership.
  • Excel in any of the three (3) of the criteria outlined below.


  • In the role of non-profits business leadership, directs and guides activities that produce ‘measurable outcomes’ in a community/organizational setting through music and/or performing arts with a focus on community involvement in the Greater Madison area.
  • In the role of corporate business leadership, demonstrated support of non-profits in the Greater Madison area.
  • Generation of multiple resources from the business to the partnership (volunteers, funding, committee work, etc.).
  • The notable activity of the partnership described should be within the last two years – 2021 or 2022.

In a volunteer or community role, developed and/or managed projects leading to building a stronger community and leading through example within the music and/or performing arts.


  1. Nomination for the award can be made by any person/organization associated with Brat Fest.
    1. Nominating letter to be submitted to the Awards Committee by April 1.
    2. Nominating letter will describe how the stated criteria for the Community Leadership Award have been met.
  2. Nominating letter will be accompanied by a resume or curriculum vitae supporting the nominee’s particular achievement and continuing leadership role.
  3. Nomination will be endorsed by two (2) other support letters that attest to achievement of the criteria identified in the nominating letter.


The decision will be made by the Awards Committee. The recipient of the award will receive the award at the Memorial Weekend Brat Fest Festival on Saturday, May 27th at 6:45pm on the Grand stage.


Nomination materials include:

  1. Nominating letter
  2. Nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae
  3. Two letters of support

Mail nomination materials to or email to : [email protected]

The Tradition of Music Award
c/o Brat Fest
Attn: Nicki Young
726 North Midvale Boulevard, 
Madison, WI 53705