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The Maggie Award

Charitable Organization Award – The Maggie Award

Are you a member of one of Brat Fest’s 120+ benefiting nonprofit organizations, and know someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty in your organization? Consider nominating them for Brat Fest’s Maggie Award.

Named for Margaret “Maggie” Metcalfe, wife of Brat Fest founder Tom Metcalfe, the Maggie award is dedicated to all of the people who give countless hours, not for pay but for passion, to enrich our community through their selfless devotion to the charities they support. Brat Fest is not just a community festival, or even a music festival. Brat Fest is 3-4,000 people who work and toil together for no money or prestige and who do whatever it takes to make it possible that people from all walks of life — of every age, nationality, of all political and religious beliefs — can get together for four days in May, to celebrate life, dreams and diversity… all while raising money for charity.

Every charity that chooses to be a part of Brat Fest is encouraged to name an individual or group of individuals who have distinguished themselves by their work and dedication. Charities that were registered participants at Brat Fest in 2018 are eligible for the 2019 award.

The winning entry will be introduced on the stage along with a representative of their charity on Friday, May 24th at 6:45pm on the Grand stage. Brat Fest and the Madison Youth Performing Arts Foundation (MYPAF) will award a combined $1,000 to the winning entry’s charity.

Criteria & Procedures:

All nominee organizations must:

  • Be affiliated with Brat Fest as a charitable organization.
  • Make an impact on the Madison area in a demonstrable way.
  • Show commitment to strong community involvement and exemplify community leadership.
  • Excel in any of the three (3) of the criteria outlined below.


  1. Creation of a new program or initiative that addresses a specific community need or opportunity.
  2. Re-engineering of an existing project or program to revitalize or reestablish the impact within the community.
  3. Demonstrate a significant impact on the growth and development of its volunteers and working staff.

Results are based on significant changes in:

  • Management – Development of its volunteers and working staff.
  • Achievement – The number of quality ways the organization impacts our community.
  • Generosity – What is the dollar impact the organization makes to our community and how is it growing?
  • Growth – This can be # of recipients of services, or # of volunteers.
  • Independence – How does this organization create independence for its recipients and their families?
  • Excellence – This is a measure of the respect the organization has earned from its recipients, its volunteers and staff, its financial supporters and the community at large.

The decision will be made by the Awards Committee. The recipient of the award will receive the award at the Memorial Weekend Brat Fest Festival.


Nomination materials include:

  • Nominating charitable organization
  • Years involved with Brat Fest (including total years and first year)
  • Charity, person (or persons) nominated
  • A description of why this charity, person (or persons) were nominated

Mail nomination materials to or email to [email protected]:

Maggie Awards
c/o Brat Fest
Attn. Jeff Schroeter
726 N. Midvale Blvd, Madison WI 53705