Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
Hall of Fame

Brat Fest Hall of Fame

As you may know, Brat Fest is not just a free music festival. Brat Fest is 3-4,000 people who work and toil together for no money or prestige and who do whatever it takes to make it possible that people from all walks of life — of every age, nationality, of all political and religious beliefs — can get together for three days in May, to celebrate life, dreams and diversity… all while raising money for charity.


Tommy Award
Brat Fest’s Tradition of Music Award is named after the founder of Brat Fest, Tom Metcalfe. This award is given to an individual who plays a significant role in non-profit business leadership who directs and guides activities that produce measurable outcomes in the community through music or performing arts in the Madison area. This individual’s role leads to building a stronger community by leading through example within the music and performing arts community.

2014       James “ Mo” Becker-Radio Personality
2015       Clyde Stubblefield- Musician Extradordinaire
2016       Andrew Davis-Chair of Board of trustees for Madison Youth Performing Arts Foundation
2017       Dee Baddock- VACT (Verona Community Theatre)
2018       Mick Faulhaber- Ward Brodt  – (Dedication to student music programs)
2019       Diane Endres-Ballweg (Philanthropist/Visionary/Educator/Community Supporter
2020       Girls Rock Camp- Mission to empower girls, women, trans, and gender non conforming folks using music and arts education


Maggie Award
Named for Margaret “Maggie” Metcalfe, wife of Brat Fest founder Tom Metcalfe, the Maggie Award is dedicated to all of the people who give countless hours, not for pay but for passion. They’re the people who enrich our community through their selfless devotion to the charities they support.

2017       John Kraack- Dane County Humane Society
2018       Calvary Church
2019       West Madison Special Olympics
2020       Advanced Employment