Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI


Saturday, May 28 | Rock | Ameriprise Financial Island Stage | 4:00pm

Website: Morningstar

Morningstar has been evolving into their heavy, symphonic, melodic rock sound of today, since first forming in the spring of 2008 when Amber answered an ad in a newspaper for a few young guys looking for a singer for a cover band, one of those guys was guitarist, Brandon… by spring of 2009 Amber and Brandon were writing original metal music, and recruited her younger brother Dave to be their drummer. They played their first gig as DAGGER in May 2010, Dave missed his high school band concert to instead play the bar gig at the Reptile Palace in Oshkosh.. and from there .. the rest is continued history in the making…

To know the full story of Morningstar is to know the journey of the musicians behind it….

Brandon grew up with a passion for music instilled by his father who had a rock band in Marion, Wi in the 80’s, Off the Wall. In his teenage years, Brandon started taking the guitar more seriously, teaching himself how to play along with his favorite classic rock and metal songs and jamming with his brother who played drums. Sometime in early 2008 they decided it was time to become a real band and they placed an ad for a singer.

From as early as she can remember, Amber wrote and performed songs. Inspired by the feeling of rock-n-roll, being a musician was the most natural feeling she remembers.

When her brother, Davey, was born, she decided that someday, he would be her bandmate.. Growing up, she practiced singing along to cassette tapes and CDs for hours at a time. Her introduction to metal happened when she was 10 years old and found an abandoned Metallica cassette tape at the park… and from there the seed was planted. Growing up she encouraged her brother to learn an instrument so they could “have a band and travel the world together someday.”

In fifth grade Dave was invited to learn an instrument and join the school band. He really wanted to learn the drums, however, the band didn’t need anymore drummers, so his band teacher Mr. Marquardt made him a deal: if Dave played the saxaphone for 2 years, then he would be allowed to learn drums. Reluctant, Dave took the deal. Two years later he wanted to learn drums, but the band still needed him as a sax player… frustrated, Dave gave up and quit the band program. A few years later at the age of 16 he started teaching himself drums in the band practice rooms. One day Mr. Marquardt overheard Dave drumming and realized he was a natural, in addition to seeing Dave’s dedication to learning the instrument, so he invited him to re-join the band as a drummer.

As a freshman in high school Dave joined the band for the first time as a drummer and quickly advanced. To this day, Dave is grateful for Mr. Marquardt’s guidance in those early years.

It was 2006, Amber had returned from a year abroad in Kenya where she had decided to ch ange her college degree path and abandoned the idea of working in embassies across the world; returning home in the pursuit of fellow like-minded musicians with rock-n-roll fantasies and stars in their eyes..

In April 2008, the bell was rung. Brandon placed an ad, “seeking singer for a rock band. Preferably 18-24 year’s old.”

Amber’s best friend saw it, called her up and told her she had to respond… and the rest is history.

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