Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Brat Fest 2020 Charities

June 2020

Thank you so much for partnering with us year after year, providing support for Brat Fest! In 2020, we have all had a challenging time, with many funding sources focused on the current pandemic and we realize how difficult it has been. That is why we are so excited that we were still able to help to raise funds for you, our Brat Fest family! Our main goal of the festival is to provide the community a great family festival to kick off the summer while providing our non-profit groups funds to support their efforts. This year our goal shifted to make decisions that were safe for our community, our volunteers and our artists.

Virtual Brat Fest had a tremendous response within the community. Over 600 people donated over $36,000 to support your organizations. The generosity and the amazing support of our many friends and neighbors have been invaluable during this challenging time. We were thrilled when 24 sponsors stepped up and contributed matching funds to help during this difficult time.

In 2020 our Virtual Brat Sale asked donors to indicate their choice of Johnsonville Brats, Boars Head Hot Dogs, Field Roast Veggie Brats, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Budweiser Beer products, Karbon 4, Capital and Ale Asylum products, and Pepsi products. It was clearly indicated as a donation but anything over $60 received a limited edition, Caring Not Cancelled t-shirt. We also asked shoppers at Metcalfe’s to buy a virtual brat for a $1 at checkout and Brat Fest merchandise was sold at Metcalfe’s, too.

Donations from shoppers at Metcalfe’s added to the total and we have raised over $75,000 (less a few expenses) for our Brat Fest charities, so far. Our plan is to provide a partial check in 2020 to every charity who participated in Brat Fest 2019.

We also hope to have some additional promotions coming up to raise even more funds to help Brat Fest continue in 2021. These ideas for raising more funds for our charity partners include a Brat Fest Mask sale, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Special at all Chocolate Shoppe locations and an on-line auction.

Brat Fest 2021 will be back, stronger and better than ever. Madison is an amazing community and together we will all meet whatever challenges take place. Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you!

Tim Metcalfe




Tim Metcalfe