Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
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Friday, May 26

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Rock11:00am-11:30amBaker Tilly Main Stage

Restless Anna

Country11:50am-12:30pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Autumn Reverie

Autumn Reverie is an explosive post-grunge band out of Madison, WI. They are known for their high energy performances no ...more
Grunge12:45pm-1:15pmMetcalfes Grand Stage

Odd Fellows

Odd Fellows are a Pop & Rock Acoustic group hailing from West Central Illinois. Composed of longtime music industry veterans, ...more
Alternative Rock12:55pm–1:35pmBaker Tilly Main Stage


Alternative Rock1:10pm–1:50pm Remagiment Advisors Island Stage

Michael Brooks & The Mighty Joe White

Madison natives Michael Brooks & Joe White have joined forces to create an exciting musical blend of acoustic rock, funk, ...more
Funk/Hip Hop/Rock1:40pm–2:20pm Metcalfes Grand Stage


The ticking of time keeps a steady pace, moving quickly especially when it comes to life, music, and trends throughout ...more
Rock1:55pm–2:35pm Baker Tilly Main Stage


Classic Rock2:10pm–2:50pm Remagiment Advisors Island Stage

Mason Meyer and Stolen Thunder Band

Country Rock2:40pm–3:20pmMetcalfes Grand Stage

Jage Nichols

Jage is a Wisconsin native who has been performing his solo acoustic act as well as being a member of ...more
Rock2:55pm–3:35pm Baker Tilly Main Stage

The Solution

The Solution – MAMA Award winner for Rock Album of the Year 2022.  Hailing from Madison Wisconsin, The Solution, brings their ...more
Rock3:10pm–3:50pm Remagiment Advisors Island Stage

Bill Miller

Acoustic/Blues3:40pm–4:20pm Metcalfes Grand Stage

Go Play God

Made up of 5 musicians from very diverse backgrounds, Go Play God has had the privilege to share the stage ...more
Rock3:55pm–4:35pm Baker Tilly Main Stage

eMpTy Vee’s

The eMpTy Vees… are a dance party band from Madison Wisconsin playing all your favorite 80’s New Wave , Synth/Pop ...more
Dance/Pop4:10pm–4:50pm Remagiment Advisors Island Stage

Shallow Side

SHALLOW SIDE Eric Boatright – vocals Cody Hampton – bass/guitar Seth Trimble – guitar/keyboards Heath Fields – drums Rock is ...more
Rock4:40pm–5:20pmMetcalfes Grand Stage

Left of Reason

Left of Reason was formed in early 2006 in Brodhead, WI. They play straight-forward rock and are self-proclaimed loud-mouthed, beer ...more
Rock4:55pm–5:35pm Baker Tilly Main Stage

Mars Hall

Exciting, new original rock band, Mars Hall is taking the midwest by storm with its fresh take on classic guitar rock. ...more
Rock5:10pm–5:50pm Remagiment Advisors Island Stage

Scotty Tyce and Power Take Off

Country/Rock musical group from Southwestern Wisconsin… Band Members: Slim Cowboy Hairy Dave Anita Drink Cam  ...more
Country Rock5:40pm–6:20pmMetcalfes Grand Stage


A raw blend of massive hooks, three-part harmonies and visceral energy, Sunspot’s music is scientifically designed and carefully tweaked to ...more
Punk/Rock5:55pm–6:35pm Baker Tilly Main Stage

Saving Abel

Saving Abel is a Southern rock band with catchy hooks and heavy riffs founded by Jared Weeks and Jason Null. ...more
Rock6:15pm-7:15pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Craig Campbell

In a world fueled by the smoke and mirror act of overnight success, Campbell has long been admired for his ...more
Country6:45pm–7:30pm Metcalfes Grand Stage

Steve Adler of Guns N’ Roses

OVERVIEW • Featuring Legendary Drummer & Founding Member of Guns N’ Roses, Steven Adler • With over 100 million records ...more
Rock7:00pm–8:00pm Baker Tilly Main Stage

Frankie Ballard

When Frankie Ballard was growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan, his father played him one classic album over and over ...more
Country Rock8:00pm–9:30pm Metcalfes Grand Stage