JP Got Saved | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

JP Got Saved

Sunday, May 28 | Christian | Life 102.5 Main Stage | 11:50am–12:30pm

Website: JP Got Saved

After spending more than ten years pursuing and advancing in a secular rap career, chasing the fortune, fame and everything else the world had to offer, Jonathan “JP” Sauser found himself back in church at the age of 26. Having grown up in church and “checked all the boxes”, he had considered himself to be a Christian and to be saved all his life. But after a few months of attending church regularly and holding the truth of God’s word up against his life, he realized that he wasn’t a Christian at all and couldn’t say that he was truly saved because he had only ever known OF Jesus, but never had a personal and saving relationship with Him.

In light of that realization, JP repented and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Over the course of the next year and a half, he would end up surrendering his entire life and walking completely away from the secular rap career. After spending two years not doing any music and just focusing on growing in his relationship with the Lord, he found himself back in the studio with new songs on his heart. Songs that had a new message – one that honored and glorified the Lord and spoke of the hope, peace, joy, love, forgiveness, and freedom he had found in Him.

As JP wrote and recorded these songs doors began to open. He had the opportunity to perform them, but it was no longer about a performance… he was now ministering through these songs and sharing the testimony of what God had done and was doing in his life, and he began to see the Lord work in and through him in a way he had never thought possible.

Realizing that this was the reason God had given him his passion and gift for music all along, and experiencing a joy and fulfilment and sense of purpose he had never known, JP became more passionate about serving the Lord than he had ever been about anything in his life.

JP changed his artist name to JP got SAVED to further attest to what God had done in his life, and for the past 3 ½ years he has been ministering and sharing his music across the nation. His Christian Rap & Hip Hop music is enjoyable and relatable, both for Christians and non-Christians, and delivers a powerful message of the truth, love, hope and redemption that is found in Jesus Christ.

In April of 2022 he left his job and career as a Graphic Designer and has devoted his entire life to ministry and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ – not just through his music but in all that he does.

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