Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Hericane Alice

Saturday, August 29 | Metal/Rock | Baker Tilly Main Stage | 3:00pm

The Alice Army Wants You!

That’s right Atlantic Recording Artist Hericane Alice is back.

You may remember them from 1990s MTV or may have caught them on tour with one of your favorite artists since they’ve shared the stage with just about all of the Big Rock Bands from the 80s who are currently making their resurgences. Such acts as Whitesnake, Bret Michaels, RATT, Warrant, Winger, Skid Row, Bad English, Great White, have all welcomed The Alice to join them and the list goes on.

What do these bands know about Hericane Alice that you don’t?

What did Atlantic Records know that you don’t, having label mates like Led Zepplin and ACDC?

Hailing from Los Angeles California Hericane Alice got signed as a high energy, party, Rock N Roll Band with a David Lee Roth Style front man who could sing like ACDCand get the place rocking, while stopping to deliver great ballads like Dream Girl and Too Late. The debut release Tear The House Down did just that and set the tone for a great record that alas not many people got to hear.

Hericane Alice was poised to take up the Rock Icon mantle when the 1990s set Party Rock aside to make way for the grunge era. Thankfully, Hericane Alicenever stopped rocking and never slowed down,and now hard rock is back and The Alice is a well-oiledmachine ready to deliver.

The band has been entertainingpeople at Fairs, Festivals and, Casinos because of their entertaining show and areputting the final touches on the new album and videos, to come to your show and to blow you away!

This band will come in and play Classic hit songs remade Alice Style along with new and old HA hits and tighter that they’ve ever been!

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