Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Dale Glaudell

Sunday, May 29 | Classic Rock/Country | Remagiment Advisors Island Stage | 11am

Doctor Dale’s Rockin’ road show is an anthology of music performed by a man with over forty-five years of show business under his guitar strap. If there is a corner bar with a dark, smoky stage someplace, chances are he’s been there. “I’ve been everywhere, man.” Hay wagon? Check. Dane County Coliseum? Yep. On a floating barge on Lake Kegonsa? Sure, why not? Rain, wind, lightening, snow. He’s been there – faithful guitar in hand, he’s rocked and rumbled the rafters of nearly every establishment in, and around Wisconsin. Someone once put it – he’s been the guy standing in the middle of the stage for so long, he’s got a parking spot there. Now, in his fifth year as a solo artist, he brings that depth of musical knowledge and kinship to his solo music shows. “There is a lot of great, music here. Classic Rock, country, originals and everything in between. Some tunes you might remember. Regardless, I hope you enjoy every note.”

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