Bourbon House | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Bourbon House

Saturday, May 27 | Rock | Remagiment Advisors Island Stage | 4:10pm–4:50pm

BOURBON HOUSE are a modern rock ‘n’ roll band whose music is just as timeless and infectious as their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Bad Company, to name a few. Lead by the powerful and unique vocals of Lacey Crowe, Jason Clark (lead guitar) Steve Lotharius (bass) and Alec Martin (drums) make up the Wisconsin based rock band. Crowe and Clark founded the band in 2017 and have been on an upward trajectory ever since the release of their debut self-titled EP. Following up their first album was Wild Abandon (2018), and most recently, Into The Red which was released in October 2021. 

Following the release of their single “Resonate” in July 2022, Bourbon House made Classic Rock Magazine’s “Hot List” with a full page feature in their September issue and was named one of 15 Rising Rock Bands by acclaimed music journalist Matt Wake. The single is the third nomination for Bourbon House by Classic Rock Magazine (Devil on my Heels and Too High to Care were also nominated) for their fiercely competitive Track of the Week competition, for which they’ve taken home first and third place respectively.

Both “Resonate” and their following single “Out for Blood” were featured on Apple’s New in Rock playlist. “Out for Blood” also made Matt Pinfield’s Weekly Rock Countdown, Live One’s #WCE: ROCK station, and Live One’s New Rock Now playlist. Their latest singles, “High Road Gypsy” (September, 2022) and “Blue Magic” (November 2022) have already become fan favorites.

Bourbon House’s music has an uncompromising honesty to it that draws fans in from the beginning. The desire to create an escape within their music is the driving force behind their artistry. Their music pulls in influences that go beyond just sonic themes and ventures into broad and interesting topics within their lyrics, as both Crowe and Clark are gifted writers themselves. Bourbon House are poised to develop their signature sound and style even further with these next releases.

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