7 Seasons Deep | Brat Fest
Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

7 Seasons Deep

Sunday, May 28 | Rock | Remagiment Advisors Island Stage | 11:10am–11:50am

Website: 7 Seasons Deep
The history of 7 Seasons Deep is vast and complicated. So let us dip our toes in the shallow end of the Deep. Playing music in bands since being teenagers, the collective pedigree of 7SD is nothing short of outstanding.
Sharing the stage with such acts as Nonpoint, Trapt, Saliva, Mudvayne, 12 Stones, Dope, Damageplan, Y&T, Pop Evil, Bobaflex, Flaw, Tantric, Kings X, Bridge To Grace, Wayland, Zakk Wylde, Jackyl, Drowning Pool, Prong, Primer 55, Candlebox, and many others. As a whole, 7SD delivers original, gutsy, bluesy Hard Rock that is timeless. Sometimes smooth, other times jagged yet always evolving in their eclectic mesh of sounds to captivate even the harshest critic.
Don’t you want to get 7 Seasons Deep?
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