Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
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Saturday, May 28

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Sam Ness

“Sam Ness is taking the Madison music scene by storm. His rugged charm coupled with immense talent have made him ...more
Folk11:00amRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

TJ Stone

Rock11:00amBaker Tilly Main Stage

Chris Kroeze

Singer and Songwriter Chris Kroeze connects with both the hearts and minds of audiences across various generations through his genuine ...more
Country/Country Rock12:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Bad Graffiti

12:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

The Adarna

Taking their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna[pronounced uh-darn-uh] are the first band to ever ...more
Rock1:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Mars Hall

Exciting, new original rock band, Mars Hall is taking the midwest by storm with its fresh take on classic guitar rock. ...more
Rock1:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Old Soul Society

Lead Singer Derek Ramnarace is a singer/ songwriter from Baraboo, WI who writes about the human condition. While he often ...more
1:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Bucky Covington

Reigning from Rockingham, North Carolina, Bucky discovered his love for music at a Jeff Healey Band concert. “It was Confidence ...more
Country2:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Shawn Schell

CML Shawn Schell plays a $40 guitar while singing songs about stuff....more
Country2:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Mason Meyer & The Stolen Thunder Band

Mason Meyer and The stolen Thunder Band is A Outlaw Country band mixed with a cutting edge Rock and Blues ...more
Country/Country Rock/Rock2:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Left of Reason

Left of Reason was formed in early 2006 in Brodhead, WI. They play straight-forward rock and are self-proclaimed loud-mouthed, beer ...more
Rock3:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

The Lonely Ones

Formed in the summer of 2019, The Lonely Ones are a four piece vocal-oriented hard rock band with an ear ...more
Rock3:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

The Black Moods

The Black Moods play raw, amplified rock & roll. A classic power trio for the modern world, they turn the ...more
Rock3:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage


As a modern symphonic, melodic metal band, Morningstar’s sound defies categorization, while delivering powerful emotion. The earliest origins of Morningstar began when Amber ...more
Rock4:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Austin Stirling

If you’re Mr. Stirling, the redoubtable frontman of the once Hangdog Hearts, you’ve earned the respects of your peers, while ...more
Blues/Country/Country Rock/Folk4:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage


The all original BULLETBOYS Marq Torien – Mick Sweda – Lonnie Vencent – Jimmy D’Anda BULLETBOYS formed in 1988 at ...more
Metal4:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Kirstie Kraus

Kirstie Kraus is a feisty powerhouse that lays it all out there each time she takes the stage. Her sound ...more
Country5:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

The Hounds

The Hounds are a new 70s Rock band out of Wisconsin that have been together on and off in many ...more
Rock5:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Michael Brooks & The Mighty Joe White

Madison natives Michael Brooks & Joe White have joined forces to create an exciting musical blend of acoustic rock, funk, ...more
Funk/Hip Hop/Rock5:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage


BREECH is four-piece metal band from Madison, Wisconsin that was originally formed in 2003 by brothers Lance and Ricci Martinez. ...more
Metal6:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Frank Martin Busch and the Names

Frank Martin Busch grew up on a farm outside the rural community of Cuba City, Wisconsin. The youngest of seven ...more
Country/Country Rock/Soul6:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Scotty Tyce and Power Take Off

Country/Rock musical group from Southwestern Wisconsin… Band Members: Slim Cowboy Hairy Dave Anita Drink Cam  ...more
Country Rock6:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Madison County

Madison County is a 7-piece Country show band, based out of Madison, WI, that has evolved its high-energy engaging show, over ...more
Country7:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Foo Foo Dolls

Foo Foo Dolls are Wisconsin’s new 90’s alternative rock cover band. Featuring songs from Nirvana, Green Day, STP & more....more
Alternative Rock7:00pmRemagiment Advisors Island Stage

Royal Bliss

Neal Middleton – Lead Vocal, Guitar Taylor Richards – Guitars, Vocals Jake Smith – Drums, Percussion Brian Hennesy – Bass, ...more
Country Rock7:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Joe Nichols

As Joe Nichols began work on a brand new batch of old-school country music, he found himself looking back for ...more
Country8:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage